Nomad Power System by Hank Tharp – Full Review

Hello everyone, in this Nomad Power System review, we are going to take a deep look on this Hank Tharp’s plan and find out if it is worth the time or not? So stay with us…

But before we start I would like to ask one simple question, so please select one option:

How Much You Are Paying For Your Monthly Electricity Bill?

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Generate ElectricityDo you want to reduce your power bills WITHOUT PAYING $10,000+ for solar panels?

Everyone is now able to cut down his monthly power bills by simply changing the way his home gets electricity.

While researching over the internet, I discovered many methods to generate my own electricity at home, something that comes handy during a financial crisis. Undoubtedly, the top source of generating electricity is – SOLAR PANELS.

However, the problem in setting up a solar power plant is cost. Setting up enough solar panels to power up your entire home electricity equipments can cost around $10,000+. So, if you are living on a tight budget then paying $10,000 up front can be difficult.

As an alternative to solar panels, Hank Tharp is claiming to show you simple guidelines in Nomad Power System eBook on setting up a power plant that works on ROTATION PRINCIPLE and it costs is less than $300. Above all, it will run with almost zero maintenance.

This sounds interesting… Let’s take a deep look into this program

Who Will Get Maximum Benefit From Nomad Power System?

This program is designed for those responsible citizens who are ready to take control of power supply in their home. If you are tired of paying ever-rising power bills and want to protect yourself from unannounced power breakdowns then this is something you must have.

Similarly, if are a survivor or prepper then this is something you should not miss out. If you are planning for camping with your family or friends then this is something that can be handy.

Even in case of a natural disaster or an EMP attack, this power plant can help you

  • In keeping your home warm
  • In recharging your mobiles and other communication devices
  • In preparing food for your family
  • In keeping your house light up and keep your alarm system running.
  • … and more

In short, there are countless benefits of having this power plant running in your home. Don’t worry, this power plant doesn’t make too much noise and you can always scale it up to meet your extra power needs.

Just imagine, having this system running in your backyard or garage can give you what level of security and comfort. It’s really great relief… isn’t? So grab it Nomad Power System and setup an alternative power source.


What Is Nomad Power System All About?

Nomad Power System

For those who don’t know, this is a digital program that comes as a PDF guide in which Hank Tharp has shared each and every step that you need to follow to set up your own ‘power electric station’

This is a small but efficient power plant to cover your home’s electric needs. Inside this program, you’ll learn how you can include a simple rotation conversation device that can amplify the power output by three times.

This power plant needs almost zero maintenance and you can set up this power plant in under $300. You can use this additional electrical energy as a backup electricity source or you can use it as a primary electric source in your home.

This program is created by Harp Tharp, who has the first-hand experience of using this power generating machine. Once he learned and set up this machine, he never faced power-out again.

This program doesn’t want you to spend thousands of dollars on solar panels or windmill. Instead, you can easily purchase tools and equipment it needs from any local hardware store. (We will talk about these materials in a little bit)

Oh before I forget,

You will get 60 days money back guarantee if you purchase it from Harp’s official website. According to the author, this power plant takes only 3 hours to set up. So, you have 58 days to test this power plant in your own home and find out how much this power plant can reduce your monthly power bill.


About The Author | Hank Tharp:

As you already know, this program is created by Harp Tharp. But, many people would be thinking who Hank Tharp is? And how he discovered this power generating machine?

personnel coordinatorAccording to the official website, Hank Tharp is a 53-year old, personnel coordinator from Akron, Ohio. He is living with his wife and two children.

Like everyone, he was also dependent on the electric company to power up his home. However, everything changed on a day when a power outage occurred in his town.

After that day, he started looking for an alternative energy source to power up his home during power breakdown. At first, he thought about investing in an electric generator but its installing cost and maintenance cost was too high. Solar power plant was not the option for him due to overcast weather of Ohio. Also, he doesn’t have $10,000 to spend on solar panels.

Thanks to his friend Keith, he discovered a power generating machine that took 3 hours and $203 to set up. This small power machine generated enough electricity to power up all his heavy-duty home appliances and slash the electricity bill by 68%.

Harp has talked about this power machine inside Hank’s Nomad Power System and provided every step to set up this machine and cut down your electricity bills.

Materials That Need To Set Up This Power Plant:

In order to set up this power generating machine, you first need proper guidelines and steps from the person who has already using this machine to power his home. Luckily, these guidelines and steps are available inside Harp’s guide.

Once you download this PDF, you will have exact blueprint along with materials you need to set up your own generator and power up your home. Thankfully, all these materials are easily available from any hardware store. It might be possible you will have some of them in your garage.

You will need:

  • Stainless Steel Shaft
  • Sprockets
  • Ring Gears
  • 2 pinions

If you did any hardware projects before, then you know these tools are easily available. You can also order from Amazon, Aliexpress or eBay and it will not cost you more than $300.

As I already mentioned, it takes only 3 hours to set up this power generating machine. And the moment it starts working, you will become less dependent on electric companies.

Don’t forget you have 60 days money back guarantee. If you are living in a medium-size house, then I am sure you will cover up your cost in a couple of months. And after that, you will get electricity from this machine without spending A SINGLE PENNY.

How Does Nomad Power System Really Work?

electricity billIt doesn’t matter how many hours you spend on researching about this program; if you don’t have electrical engineer background, then it would be difficult for you to understand the mechanism that this program uses to generate electricity. But let me save you from trouble, and tell you here how it actually works in simple words:

The power-generating machine that you learn to make from this program work on a principle known as ‘Rotating Principle.’ This principle derived from a very popular Perpetual Motion Theory that shows the possibility of creating indefinite motion without any external fuel source.

The beauty of this power-generating machine is that it works on this Perpetual Motion Theory which means it will generate electricity continuously without the need for any energy source such as fuel or solar energy. All you have to do is to make sure all the gears are working as they should be and this checking requires only once in a few months.

Many people know that perpetual motion is a possibility, but electric supply companies don’t want you to know that. They want you to remain dependent on them so that they can take every coin from your pocket by increasing the electricity bill.

Setting up this noiseless and light-weight power-generating machine in your basement or backyard is the sure-fire way to end your dependency on these electricity supply companies and live without any fear of power blackout.

Why Is Nomad Power System The Excellent Choice?

reduce electricity billFirst of all, it works! Thousands of people have tested this program from all over the world, and they reported great success with this program. In fact, Nomad Power System is one of the popular do-it-yourself product for the renewable energy.

Secondly, it can save you a lot of money. In fact, you don’t need thousands of dollars to set up this power plant. It is much cheaper than the solar panel system and windmills. You can use this home power plant to power up your entire home and save a lot of money on monthly electricity bills. Keep in mind! Renewable energies are almost free!

It will teach you about ROTATION PRINCIPLE and how to use it to set up a home power plant in just $300. It means you need a very limited amount of investment for this power plant. And not to forget, learning something is always rewarding in the future.

It is eco-friendly and doesn’t burn fuel to generate electricity. It means by using this power plant you will put your contribution to have a better, greener and cleaner world.

Want to know the best benefit? It’s PORTABLE. You can carry this power plant with you anywhere. If you like camping with your friends or family then this will be handy for you.


Who Should Consider This Program?

EMP attackThis program is for all those responsible members of their families who want to take control of the power supply in their home. If you want to end your dependency on electricity supply companies, then this is a must-have system.

This system is also helpful for those people who like hiking with their friends and family. This is free ‘mobile’ energy source that they can put in their campervan or tent.

If you are a survivor or prepper, then you should consider having it in your safe house to protect yourself and your family during an emergency or an EMP attack.

This small power-generating device will provide you enough electricity to cover all your house needs, such as:

  • It will keep your house light up, and alarm system will keep working
  • It will keep your house warm
  • It will keep your medical device working such as ventilators, power wheelchair, inhalers, etc.

There is no limit on benefits that one can get by setting up his own electricity source. The great thing is, it is noiseless and doesn’t need any maintenance. Above all, you can easily upgrade it if you need extra power.

Don’t forget, you have 60 days money back guarantee which means you have 60 days to test this program. These 60 days are enough to determine how much money you can save by setting up this power-generating machine in your home. So I guess, it is not the bad investment.

Final Verdict – Does Nomad Power System Worth The Investment?

Nomad Power System BenefitsIf you want to end your dependency on power companies, or you are preparing for a crisis situation, then Nomad Power System PDF is something that you must have!

With being that said, this system is not for everyone. If you are lazy and don’t like to follow step-by-step tutorials, or you are looking for a guide to help you in setting up the solar-powered system then this program might be not for you.

However, if you want to protect your family during any crisis situation and looking for detailed guidelines on how to end your dependency on power energy companies then Hank’s system is a good option to consider.

You have 60 days money back to try this program without any risk. In this refund period, you have enough time to set up this power generator and find out how much money it can save on your monthly power bill.

That’s all from our Nomad Power System review. If you have any other information about this system then feel free to share with us in the comment box below. I hope you find this review helpful and take your buying decision that would be beneficial for you and your family. Thanks!